• Applicable lines of security in biometrics, credentialing and PACS solutions nationwide.

  • Software and hardware engineers who have developed the original groundbreaking MaxID handheld solutions.

  • 8 year track record of supporting software for DHS/US Coast Guard, CBP/ICE, US Navy and US Army.

P-SIG has unique
advantages and capabilities :



Mozaic ID




MOZAICs SPM (Superior Power Management) allows for more than 15 hours run time on a full charge. Handheld biometric reader includes FBI-Approved fingerprint reader, contact/contactless card reader compliant with TWIC, CAC, PIV, PIV-I, Barcode Scanner, Sunlight-readable WVGA display, GPS, 4G-LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, Android Operating System, Dual-Core Processor and 8MP Camera.
Included in the MOZAIC-ID Package is the MOZAIC-ID handheld, an AC and 12V mobile charging adapter, Synthetic Case and optional extended warranty and help desk support.


Software Application: 

The Preloaded MOZAIC-ID Smartcard Credential Software is capable of reading TWIC, CAC, PIV, PIV-I and other issued Smartcards. This will be preloaded and ready for on the fly verfications.  MOZAIC-ID is primarily focused for guard controlled perimeters or on the spot checking of credential owners in real-time.  MOZAIC-ID is also a strong choice for the TWIC program, Port facilities and other access controlled enforcement.  


Support Services

P-SIG will serve as the first tier support for immediate resolution and the hot swap of the units when necessary. If issues cannot be resolved over the phone, the user will be instructed where to send the device for replacement, thus establishing one stop depot-level turn around for both hardware/software. 

P-SIG provides two professional training videos on hardware management and user operation of the MOZAIC-ID software.

P-SIG will also maintain a log of all support inquiries on an annual basis.  Several support options are available to fit a user’s needs.



"This unit was thrown in my hand and I was able to operate it within seconds. It is pretty fast and as someone who has never used it before, I was able to operate it quickly."
- USCG Boarding Officer.


"We checked the biometrics with 100% success. Within seconds a match was made verifying the crew member was the person on board."
- USCG Boarding Officer.

"Very simple, works well. If you can use a smartphone you can use this."
- VA Terminal Security Official


P-SIG’s management team has enjoyed a long-term relationship with the US Coast Guard dating back to October 2003, and has satisfied over $25 million in performance-based service contracts. 

P-SIG originally supplied the handheld biometric readers to the US Coast Guard starting back in 2009, providing sales, integration and support services. We have also provided dozens of units to Municipal Governments and other Federal Agencies.


P-SIG was tasked with updating 315+ US Coast Guard owned TWIC readers to meet TSA program required changes. The work was provided on time and on budget.

P-SIG has developed ground breaking, industry first solutions, for mission critical events, providing identity verifications for DHS, USCG and other various agencies under very short delivery schedules.  Our relationships within the security ecosphere ensure access to the most up-to-date resources and technologies.



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