P-SIG’s multi-faceted approach includes ReACT as our online training, along with site assessments and technology solutions for Identity Management. As both an online and onsite solutions provider, we deliver multi-tiered security solutions in personal and facility security, biometrics and Personal Access Control Systems (PACS). 


Our patented LMS, WATER® has been training government and business entities for the past 7 years, including DoD and DHS.  Currently safeafloat.com and rentalboatsafety.com are both active safety sites we designed for the federal government. In addition, Sodexo, the multi-billion dollar food services company trains its staff globally using WATER®. In the past 12 months, WATER delivered over 1 Million minutes of online video-based training supported by 169,262 online exams ensuring information was retained.


ReACT was developed to provide a comprehensive solution to corporations and organizations faced with the threat to physical property and individuals (including employees and visitors) as the result of active shooter events and workplace violence.

We combined experienced SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), a YouTube “edu-tainment” style of learning with a Discovery Channel style of video to provide employees with the knowledge to help them survive if workplace violence occurs. This comprehensive approach stresses recognizing pre- attack indicators and how to put in place effective practices to reduce the threat of workplace violence before it happens. ReACT is the only program in the country featuring actual Subject Matter Experts on a 24/7 online Active Shooter Prevention Training system. 

ReACT offers compliance documentation and certification for internal and external reporting. Our video training series will provide proof of training to support OSHA requirements. ReACT is based on the patented Learning Management System, WATER®, which stands for Web-based Automated Training and Education Resource. You can see a demo of our active shooter training video series at ActiveCountermeasure.com/demo. 

We have a passion for saving lives and we coined the phrase, “ReACT, Escape, Survive”™ as the backbone of our training program, called ReACT.